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Audio Format Converter

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A2-7300 Series units are high quality audio format converters designed primarily to provide maximum format flexibility for the C2-8160 and C2-8260 Video Processor's audio inputs and outputs. The C2-8160 and C2-8260 provides AES3-id audio I/O via one HD-44 Connectors. Any of the A2-7300 models can connect to these connectors to bring the AES3-id signals out to BNC connectors or to change the audio format completely. All of the AES audio channels can be synchronized to a DARS reference when connected to the C2-8160 and C2-8260 via any of the A2-7300 units. Additionally, the A2-7300 units may be used in conjunction with one another, without the C2-8160 or C2-8260, to provide bi-directional analog/digital or AES3/AES3-id conversion.

A2-7312 provides an HD-44 interface to 16 AES3-id (8-in/8-out) and a DARS reference input on BNCs mounted on a 1RU panel via a 1.5 meter (4.5') interconnect cable. The connectors may be separated from the panel if system wiring requirements dictate.



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EigenschaftenDARS AES3-id input on a HD44 connector


Audio IN8x AES3-id


Audio OUT8x AES3-id
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