Digitaler Presentation Switcher 9-auf-1 mit integriertem Scan Converter/Scaler und Seamless Switching - IDK MSD-5401SL

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Herstellernummer: MSD-5401SL

Digitaler Presentation Switcher 9-auf-1 mit integriertem Scan Converter/Scaler und Seamless Switching

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MSD-5401SL is a Digital Seamless Switcher with 9 inputs and 1 output. This switcher has a built in scan convertor.
The MSD-5401SL has 5 digital (HDMI) and 4 analog inputs, to which video signals as HDMI, DVI, Composite Video, S-Video, Analog RGB, Analog YPbPr can be input. Seamless switching can be done with Input video signals that can be converted up to QWXGA or 1080p and will be output as HDMI or DVI signals.

MSD-5401SL has 5 digital (HDMI) and 9 analog (RCA) audio inputs. Selected audio signals can be output as digital audio (HDMI) and analog audio (RCA).
Sound level of input and output signals can be set respectively. Gaps between video and audio can be compensated by Lip Sync function.

MSD-5401SL has been equipped with RS-232C (2 ports), LAN, parallel interfaces for external control. This product can control peripherals through RS-232C, LAN, TALLY OUT and CEC if external control commands are registered. Since External control commands have a delay function, this product can switch contact points for after the cooling period of displays. External commands can be executed using front keys, RS-232C connector or LAN connector as well as parallel connector, or you can execute them when operating keys for changing inputs or power switch. 



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  • Three dimensional luminance/chrominance separation
  • Aspect holding function
  • Picture adjusting function (brightness, contrast, display position, display size)
  • Seamless function
  • Volume adjustment function (Volume of input and output ports can be set separately)
  • Selects pictures without switching audio (retain current audio source)
  • Crosspoint memory function (storage of 9 settings)
  • Anti-Snow function
  • Connection reset function
  • External control commands (32 commands)
  • Key lock function
HDCP compliantJa
SteuerungBedienfeld, RS-232, IP, Web Interface


Audio IN5x embedded Audio
9x analog Stereo Audio


Audio OUT1x embedded Audio
1x analog Stereo Audio
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