quantumdata M21 Video Generator/Analyzer

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Herstellernummer: 00-00262

Analyzer with a wide array of benefits for HDMI and DisplayPort testing

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The Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata M21 Video Analyzer for HDMI and DisplayPort testing offers a wide array of benefits to design and engineers as well as professional A/V installers for testing HDMI and DisplayPort devices. The M21 instrument is also equipped with an HDMI 48Gb/s video generation function enabling test engineers and proA/V integrators can run a variety of video, audio and protocol tests on digital video sources, displays, distribution equipment and cables.

The portable size, battery operated and large user-friendly touch screen provides convenience to complement the rich feature set. The user interface design and test functions greatly reduce Time-to-Insight whether running tests on distinct devices or entire digital video distribution networks.

Key Features

  • HDMI TMDS, FRL Video Generator for testing Ultra High Definition TVs supporting 8K resolutions at 48Gb/s link rates for HDMI
  • HDMI TMDS and FRL video analyzer operating up to 48Gb/s (12Gb/s / Lane)
  • DisplayPort HBR and UHBR video analyzer operating up to 54Gb/s (13.5Gb/s lane rates for USB-C)
  • Video analysis enables viewing the incoming video frames and a status bar showing video timing parameters and essential video parameter values
  • Protocol metadata viewer to verify main link metadata packets
  • Aux Channel Analyzer (ACA) utility (ACA) enables real time monitoring of HDMI DDC and the DisplayPort Aux Channel for EDID exchanges, FRL and DisplayPort link training, HDCP authentication (including HDCP 2.3), HDMI SCDC register reads and writes and DisplayPort DPCD register reads and writes
  • Aux Channel Analyzer (ACA) passive protocol feature enables passive monitoring of the HDMI DDC or the DisplayPort Aux Channel between a source and a sink device.
  • Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) enables basic testing of eARC Tx and Rx devices
  • Video pattern and Format Library with test patterns for High Dynamic Range
  • Battery powered, up to one (1) hour with six (6) hour charge
  • Command line interface for automated testing

Accessories (The following cables are provided with the M21 test Instrument):

  • Power Supply (42A0000011175) – A wall power adapter 60 watts for USB-C power.
  • Power Adapter Kit (42A0000011176) – An International power plug kit.
  • HDMI to HDMI cable (p/n 42A0000009771) – A 2 meter HDMI to HDMI cable is used to connect the M21's HDMI Tx & Rx ports to an HDMI source or sink device.
  • USB-C 40Gb/s (42A0000011304) – An E-marked USB-C cable 0.8 meters in length.
  • USB-C 40Gb/s (930702-00) – An Unmarked USB-C cable 0.3 meters in length.
  • Ethernet crossover cable (30-00151) – An Ethernet cable for connecting to a PC for managing through the PC GUI. Also used for command line control and software upgrades.
  • DisplayPort Standard to DisplayPort Standard cable (p/n 933193-00) – A 1 meter DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable used to connect the M21's DisplayPort Rx port to a DisplayPort source device.

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