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This Control System Center is ideal for a user who has a wide variety of devices that need to be controlled. It comes with eight ...

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This Control System Center is ideal for a user who has a wide variety of devices that need to be controlled. It comes with eight external trigger connections which directly activate 8 (of 16 total) user defined macro events stored within the unit. All 16 macros are available to be activated via the WebGUI, or by Telnet. Those user defined macros can send commands to remote devices via Ethernet, IR (×4), relay trigger (×4), or RS-232/422/485 (×1) allowing for the control of a large array of devices at the push of a button. An integrated IR code learning function is also available, allowing the user to store and re-transmit the IR codes sent by nearly any standard IR remote. Comprehensive user control interfaces are available including WebGUI, Telnet and console (RS-232 in). Last but not least, this unit supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) allowing it to be powered directly from a standard PoE network switch, without the need for an external power adapter, allowing for incredible installation flexibility.

  • 8 trigger inputs linked directly to 8 user macros allowing for instant control activation
  • 4 relay trigger outputs to control devices such as projector screens, lighting, etc.
  • 4 IR outputs to control devices such as TVs, media players, etc.
  • Integrated IR code learning functionality
  • Multiple user control interfaces including WebGUI, Telnet and RS-232
  • Simple configuration of macros, triggers and relay settings via the WebGUI
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) support
  • Firmware can easily be updated in the field via USB
  • Need to have 1x serial port , can use serial transmission (RS-232/RS-422/ RS-485) to send out commands to compatible devices

Input Ports

1×IR Learner/Extender (3.5mm)

8×Trigger (10-pin Terminal Block)

Output Ports

4×IR Blaster (3.5mm)

4×Relay (2-pin Terminal Block) 1×Serial (5-pin Terminal Block)

Control Ports

1×IP Control (RJ-45)

Service Port

1×USB 2.0 (Type-A)

IR Frequency

30 ~ 50kHz

(30 ~ 60kHz under ideal conditions)

Baud Rate

Up to 115200

Power Supply

5V/2.6A DC or PoE

(US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)

ESD Protection (HBM)

±8kV (Air Discharge)

±4kV (Contact Discharge)

Dimensions (W×H×D)

128mm×25mm×108mm [Case Only]

128mm×25mm×118mm [All Inclusive]



Chassis Material

Metal (Steel)

Chassis Color


Operating Temperature

0?C ? 40?C/32?F ? 104?F

Storage Temperature

-20?C ? 60?C/-4?F ? 140?F

Relative Humidity

20 ? 90% RH (Non-condensing)

Power Consumption




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