Opticis BR-500 - 19" 1U Multi-Module Mounting Rack for DisplayPort 1.2 Extender

Artikelnummer: BR-500

Herstellernummer: BR-500

OPTICIS BR-500, 19? 1RU multi-mounting rack is a modular rack and systematic fiber-optic solution providing flexibility to install Opticis DisplayPort 1.2 modules up to 8 units. DPFX-200-Tx or DPFX-300-Tx is required in use.

Kategorie: Multi-module Mounting Rack

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Each power line of mounting unit is connected to the central bus power of +12VDC at 4.2A. BR-500 can be fit with the dual power supplies for load-sharing and redundant backup.

BR-500 has one separate RJ45 Port which allows the connection through LAN cable. This connection to GUI enables the access to the current power status of individual module and also allows to turn on/off the power of the device.

By using premium graded DisplayPort 1.2 copper cables, BR-500 can extend up to 3m (9.84ft) distance from the sources.

*Note: The DisplayPort modules and DisplayPort copper cables are separately sold.
BR-500 is applicable to use with Opticis DisplayPort 1.2 fiber-optic transmitters ONLY.

Abmessungen(LxBxH) ( Länge × Breite × Höhe ): 15,40 × 48,20 × 4,40 cm
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